Sam's Iron Works
7333 Coldwater Canyon #13
North Hollywood, CA 91605

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CEO Sami F. Dahdal

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Large hexagonal planter. More photos.

Fireplace screen.

Decorative exterior grill.
Custom doors.  This door was made for the Ruth's Chris Steak House on State Street in Santa Barbara, California.
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This basket weave fence provides security and degree of privacy.  The natural rust finish has a very pleasing look.  Click here to see a closer look at the construction.

Wood fences and gates

For a more natural look, a metal frame can be constructed and wood added to the outside face. Click here to see more photos.
Another design for a sliding wood driveway gate. More photos here.
A wooden driveway gate made from two swing panels.  Click here to see the inside of the gate.
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A simple modern design, but the look is elegant.

Heavy wood and iron combine to give a rugged look.  What looks like two doors is actually one door.  See more photos here.